Mike Pence attends campaign fundraiser in Berks

Republican vice-presidential candidate also visited Peanut Bar in Reading

Pence visits Berks County for fundraiser

WYOMISSING, Pa. - Ben Simone does not open his home in Wyomissing to just anyone, but Thursday, he and his wife welcomed a man who could soon become vice president of the United States.

"We personally only had about five minutes with him because he is on quite a merry-go-round," Simone said with a chuckle.

Supporters cheered for Mike Pence, the Indiana governor and Republican VP nominee. Simone called himself a Pence enthusiast.

"Mike Pence to me embodies the factor that this country so desperately needs, and that is trust," he said.

But it wasn't just Simone's door that opened for Pence. There was a stop he made just before he arrived in Wyomissing. Pence paid a surprise visit to the Peanut Bar on Penn Street in downtown Reading.

"We learned that the governor and his wife were going to be stopping by probably two minutes before they walked in the door," said Michael Leifer, the Peanut Bar's owner. "It was certainly a thrill."

Pence chatted with customers, who were just as surprised to see him as Leifer was. Of course, Pence didn't leave empty-handed.

"Our buffalo wings are always a favorite," said Leifer, "and we certainly wanted to show him that. And also, a pretzel pie is always a nice way of finishing up a meal."

Mike Pence tweet about Peanut Bar

Last week, Leifer hosted Anne Holton, the wife of Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine, so for him, it's not about the politics.

"This is the fact that someone has chosen to honor us with their business and we're very happy to have them," said Leifer.

Pence's stop in Berks is the first by a candidate during the 2016 general election campaign.

Bernie Sanders, a former Democratic candidate for president, campaigned in Reading last April, ahead of the Pennsylvania primary election.

Click on the image below to watch a recording of WFMZ's Jim Vasil's live report on Facebook.

Jim Vasil's Facebook live of Mike Pence visit

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