More cases of West Nile reported in Berks County

More cases of West Nile reported in Berks County

FLEETWOOD, Pa. - More cases of the West Nile virus are popping up around Pennsylvania and in Berks County.

The virus has been found in an American crow in Berks. This is the second case of the virus found in a bird this summer in Pennsylvania.

Berks County also recorded its seventh case of the virus in a mosquito this week alone.

A mosquito spray is scheduled for Thursday in parts of Fleetwood and Richmond Township.

According to Kevin Witmier with the Berks County West Nile Program, although the numbers of West Nile virus cases are still pretty low, we are seeing the highest populations of mosquitoes ever.

"You need to try to limit breeding sources that's the best way to limit adult populations. That's tough to do when there is water everywhere," said Witmier.

To keep mosquitoes away, there are a few things you can do around your home: change the water in your birdbaths and kiddy pools, make sure your gutters are unclogged and throw away cans, buckets and small containers that may collect water.

If you can help it, limit your outdoor activity at dusk because that is when mosquitoes are most active. You should also wear bug spray with 100 percent Deet and wear long sleeves.

If you do start to experience flu-like symptoms, make sure you go to the doctor, and ask them to test you for West Nile.

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