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Move it or lose it! Parking space-savers rounded up in Reading

Move it or lose it! Parking space-savers rounded up

READING, Pa. - It was a case of 'move it or lose it' in Reading on Friday as city crews drove around snatching dozens of parking spot-savers.

"It ought to be done, I think," said Monroe Wenger. "It's just a nuisance to have them sitting around. It's against the law."

For hours, workers collected bins, grates, chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture left in the middle of public streets as residents sought to reserve spots amidst the enduring snow mounds.

To residents like Emilia Ortiz, the initiative seemed unfair.

"If we shovel all that snow out, it's okay, we should put something out there," said Ortiz.

Ortiz told 69 News that parking has caused conflicts among neighbors, so much that she's resorted to staying indoors and keeping her car parked.

"I just don't want nobody to fight for the parking, so I said, 'You know what, I just want to stay here and not go nowhere.'"

All spot-savers were taken to Schlegel Park in southwest Reading where residents can retrieve them. Many told 69 News they hope the initiative will discourage people from trying to reserve spots again.

"They shouldn't leave anything out," said Gene Killin. "Because I'll just park there. I don't care. Because they parked in my space, so why can't I park in theirs?"

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