Multiple injuries in crash at Five Guys restaurant in Sinking Spring

Car slams into Five Guys in Sinking Spring

SINKING SPRING, Pa. - A car crashed through the window of a Five Guys restaurant Thursday night, sending people in its path scrambling for safety.

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The accident happened at the restaurant at 3580 Penn Ave. in Sinking Spring, Berks Co., just before 7 p.m.

"We were just sitting there eating our burgers and the next thing I know, a loud explosion and we went flying," said Henry Ruffner, of Shillington.

Ruffner said he remembers being tossed across the restaurant, hearing glass breaking and metal chairs scraping across the floor. Then, as soon as it happened, it was over and people were checking on their loved ones.

"He jumped over top of me just saying, "My son! My son! He is pinned in there," Ruffner said of another man inside the restaurant. "Fortunately, when she [the driver] came through the other end, the doors opened up and left him to escape out, so he was not pinned in between the car and the glass."

Dozens of rescue personnel arrived on scene and so did several onlookers from the community who heard the sirens.

"It is like, 'Wow. Five Guys is a drive-thru,'" said Theresa Smith, of West Lawn. "It was amazing to see the car in there with the tables on top of the hood and just the glass just smashed right through."

Police said the driver of the vehicle was a woman in her 70s. She thought she was hitting the brakes but was actually stepping on the gas pedal. Police said she was not injured.

One person in the restaurant was transported to the hospital and approximately four other people were treated for minor injuries.

"I am happy that nobody was at that glass or there would be some serious bodily harm," said Ruffner.

Police said it looked a lot worse that it actually was, and fortunately only a handful of people suffered minor injuries from the glass.

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