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Neighbors concerned about rundown property in Wernersville

'It's just a wild jungle,' says neighbor with a close-up view

Neighbors concerned about rundown property in Wernersville

WERNERSVILLE, Pa. - A rundown property in Berks County is sparking concern from residents and officials.

The property is known as "the mansion," but now it's being called a danger to children.

"It's just a wild jungle and it really is an eyesore," said Diane Klinger, who has an up-close and unpleasant view.

Klinger's backyard butts up against what used to be the premier property in Wernersville.

Now, the mansion at 200 North Pearl Street is deteriorated and dangerous.

"I'm just concerned there's going to be vandalism and it's going to be in worse shape than it is," said Klinger. "It's always a concern I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night to some fire because somebody has done something to it and really torched the place."

Officials are concerned about what lies deep beyond the jungle - a danger in the water. The swimming pool has turned into a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The water is brown and foul and the gates are wide open.

"If you live back here and the kids decide to go back to the mansion they could fall in and maybe not get out," said Mayor Edward Evans, R-Wernersville.

Realtor Juan Romero gave 69 News access to the property. A sign on the door, marked June 3, 2014, lists several violations for both the grass and the pool.

According to officials, the house has had several owners over the years and it has been vacant for at least a year. Romero said the bank took it over, and the house is on the market for $480,000.

Mayor Evans said the borough is weighing its options on how to fix the problem, but the borough's concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

Evans is considering having the fire department drain the pool or have it covered.

Evans wants something done now before a tragedy happens and it's too late.

"I don't know if this place will ever regain its stature of 40 years ago, but the bottom line is we want to make it as safe as possible for the constituents of the community," said Evans.

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