Neighbors jump into action after bad crash in Bern Twp.

Neighbors jumps into action after bad crash in Bern Township

BERN TWP., Pa. - Neighbors jumped into action to rescue four children trapped inside a vehicle involved in an accident.

The SUV collided with a pickup truck on Friday around 4:30 p.m. in Bern Township.

"We were just sitting here on the porch and we heard it hit, looked up and you could see her car flew back," said Dean Fritz of Bern Township.

Dean Fritz says it sounded like a bomb went off when the SUV and truck collided just steps from his front porch.

The accident happened on Grange Road in Bern Township. Police say the woman in the SUV crossed the center line while coming around the bend and slammed into the pickup truck.

All four of her young children were trapped inside.

That is when Dean Fritz and his roommate jumped in to help.    

"Not good. The little boy was unconscious. We got the other three girls out and just holding them and taking care of them until emergency crews got here," said Fritz.

The accident was so severe that one of the children had to be airlifted to Lehigh Valley Hospital.

Fritz says unfortunately Grange Road has been the site of numerous accidents. In just the seven months he has lived there, he has already witnessed three.

Neighbors say what makes this road especially dangerous is this curve and the speed that cars come down it.

"I think they all drive too fast on this road to begin with. People do not know how to judge this turn here and they come flying and they just lose it," said Fritz.

Earlier in the day Bern Township firefighters responded to another crash, this one on Peach Blossom Road.

Officials say a vehicle went off the road and rolled several times before landing in a ditch. The driver was trapped in his vehicle for more than 20 minutes until firefighters came to the rescue.

"If you are not from the area, our roads are very windy and the curves can sneak up on you really quick," said Greenfields Fire Chief Brian Fisher.

Firefighters say slow down and use caution when the roads are slick.

As for the neighbors, they just hope the children involved in the accident recover.

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