Neighbors work together on huge Halloween display

Neighbors work together on huge Halloween display

WEST LAWN, Pa. - Halloween is a little more than a week away and for two neighbors in West Lawn, they are itching to start the festivities. It is their 13th year building a haunted escape in their backyard for all their neighbors to enjoy.

One step into this backyard haunted house will leave your heart racing.

But this backyard halloween display was not thought up overnight. It has been a tradition for two West Lawn neighbors for the past 13 years.

"It was a lot of 2x4s and black plastic tarp. We created a lot of tunnels and people would walk through and we thought wow, this is really great, this is amazing. And it is kind of steam rolled from there," said West Lawn resident Barry Spann.

Barry and his neighbor Scott have a shared love of Halloween. So every year at the end of August they pull out their tools and get to work building another haunted house.

"It is a lot of fun for us to see the looks on people's faces when they come here because they are always expecting something bigger and better and we always try and deliver," said West Lawn resident Scott Kunkle.

The big draw this year is this 25 foot mayan temple that the guys built from scratch.

"Just the fact that we built a temple in the backyard is something Barry wanted to do. And I never thought we could pull it off. I always thought he was crazy but he engineered the whole thing and voila there it is. So it is the detail work that I think we are most proud of," said Kunkle.

Now after spending every free moment working on this spooktacular display, they are hoping it gets their neighbors in the Halloween spirit.

"I would just like people to see this and enjoy it," said Spann.

It will be open October 30th & 31st from 7 to 9pm.

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