New business could mean end of 90-year-old store

New business could mean end of 90-year-old store

MOUNT PENN, Pa. - The future of a small business in Mount Penn is unknown. Tuesday night the Mount Penn planning commission will hear about the possibility of a new CVS at the current Leinbach Hardware Store location.

If those plans go through, Leinbach's would close and the community would lose a 90-year-old business.

"I get keys made here all the time," said Becky Mader, "These guys know what they are doing. They do them by hand."

Mader is a landlord and comes to Leinbach Hardware Store all of the time.

"It's near and dear to my heart to have the sort of mom and pop place to come to and they're disappearing so fast," said Mader.

And Leinbach's is no exception. The store is a family business. The second generation owns the land, the third generation pays rent for the store and has no say about whether the land is sold to CVS.

"We are not the decision maker in this," said Calvin Leinbach, owner of Leinbach Hardware Store.

"I'm going to miss the place if it ever closes," said Bill Heller of Reading.

It's no surprise the customers of Leinbach Hardware Store would hate to see it go. And one display is an example of why, you can still just buy a nail.

"A store like this you got to be kidding me. I can buy one item," said Heller, "I don't have to go to Lowe's and buy a whole box which I don't need."

But it's not just what you can buy. It's about service too.

"The mom and pop stores they're beautiful," said Heller, "I'm all for big business and stuff like that. But these guys they treat the public like they were their family."

"Our main goal is to help the customer," said Leinbach.

But until they get the final word, it's business as usual.

"I'm sure the motto around Berks County is if you can't find it anywhere go to Leinbach's," said Leinbach.

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