Officials: Neglected dog left behind part of growing trend

Officials: Neglected dog left behind part of growing trend

READING, Pa. - A little dog has survived her own version of Nightmare on Elm Street after being abandoned.

For two weeks, the young, black pit bull was living in her own feces and urine, tied to a door, alone, in a second-floor apartment in the 900 block of Elm Street in Reading, authorities said.

The rescuers name the dog, Gidget.   

A concerned neighbor tried to feed Gidget periodically, investigators said.

"Luckily, they knew that she was up there and someone called or she could have died up there from malnourishment or dehydration," said Vicky Hoffman, Animal Rescue League volunteer.

Authorities said Gidget's nightmare is not unique, and it's a trend that has them concerned.

"Landlords are evicting tenants. The dogs are left there. Sometimes the landlords don't go back in to check for some times week," said Harry Brown, with the Animal Rescue League.

If Gidget's previous owners are tracked down, they could face animal cruelty charges, authorities said.

Meanwhile, as soon as Gidget's health has improved, she will be up for adoption, officials said.

"She has a great temperament," Hoffman said. "She's very sweet. She just wants attention. She was alone for quite some time and just needs some TLC."

Animal Rescue League officials said if you have an animal you can no longer care for, you can call anonymously at 610-373-8830.

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