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Officials: off-duty officer involved in road-rage incident, shooting

ONTELAUNEE TWP., Pa. - An off-duty police officer was involved in a road rage incident that led to a shooting in Berks County late Tuesday night, officials said.

The incident began just after 10:30 p.m. as a road rage incident on Route 61, but police said things then took a violent turn.

Matt James and his girlfriend, Ashley Genetti, never expected to be caught in the middle of action at his home in Ontelaunee Township, Berks County.

"We were just kind of watching TV, hanging out, and I heard a bang, sounded like a blown tire," James said. "We normally don't get anything like this around here."

The road rage incident ended near Leesport Avenue and Berkley Park Road, officials said.

"It did culminate in an incident in which a scuffle took place and there was a shooting," said Berks County District Attorney John Adams.

Three men got out of one car and sucker-punched a man in another car, who, according to the DA, was an off-duty officer.

We're told that he then fired one shot, hitting one of the three men who punched him.

The shooting victim ended up in James and Genetti's yard. Genetti is an EMT, and she sprang into action.

"I went inside, got gloves, got a towel.  I was able to apply pressure. I was able to do a quick examination and to make sure there wasn't anything else, like he wasn't shot again," she said.

The shooting victim was taken to Reading Hospital.

We're also told some of the other parties involved, possibly including the off-duty officer, were taken to hospitals as well, but officials had no information about their conditions.

Adams also declined to release the name of the off-duty officer, which department he works for, or if he used his personal or service weapon.

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