One Tank Trip: Adams & Bright Drugstore

One Tank Trip: Adams & Bright Drugstore

HAMBURG, Pa. - Pharmacist Loralee Heckman knows most of her customers by name.

It's service with a smile at the Adams & Bright Drugstore on State Street in Hamburg, Berks Co.

"Your pharmacist may even make your chocolate malt if you're lucky. That definitely doesn't happen anywhere else," said co-owner Angelo LaVentura.  

This summer, Heckman and her husband brought back the drugstore soda fountain, just fixed it really. The counter and almost everything else are original to Adams & Bright when the soda fountain was put in back in 1929.

"It's exciting to have life up there again," said Heckman. "It's like an old friend coming back."

Heckman, who was born and raised in Hamburg, remembers coming here as a kid.

With those fond childhood memories intact, she did a rotation at the pharmacy her final year of college.

"The first thing I wanted to learn how to do was make a chocolate malt, and I was really disappointed that the goosenecks didn't work because I didn't realize they were broken," said Heckman.

Now, they'll make all the cherry Cokes you can drink.

It's a mini-museum full of kitsch from the 20th Century. You'll see vintage ads, old pill boxes, medicine that will knock out what ails you, thanks to its 65 percent alcohol content, old apothecary bottles and receipt books..

A war-time menu lists peanut butter and pickle sandwiches for just 15 cents.

"It is in the menu, so if some people want to be adventurous, we'll definitely do it for you," said LaVentura. No problem."

Or you could just stick with the egg salad, and don't forget to pick up your prescription when you're done.

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