Orderly hitting the right notes at Reading Hospital

Orderly hitting the right notes at Reading Hospital

WEST READING, Pa. - An orderly at Reading Hospital is hitting the right notes, literally, with dozens of patients.

"I'll keep carrying the tune, even if there's a bunch of people around," said Jeremy Davis, known also as the "singing transporter."

For several months now, the 23-year-old Fleetwood native has serenaded patient after patient while transporting them between hospital rooms.

"'You are my sunshine'… that's always a big hit. Aladdin's 'A whole new world.' I throw in a little Enrique Iglesias' 'Hero,'" he said, adding that song requests are happily accepted. "If I know it, I'll sing it."

"I think he's good!" said patient Jeanne Minnich, who sometimes joins in with a duet. "It brings back memories."

But according to Davis, the performances aren't about impressing with his vocal range. In fact, he claims to have been rejected from his grade school's choral group.

Rather, the aspiring youth pastor is aiming to simply bring happiness to his patients.

"To make 'em smile, because that's what I'm here for. If you have the opportunity to pour into somebody, you wanna take advantage of that," he said. "Loving on people is what I do."

But, he said, not all of the 20-25 patients he transports each day are happy to hear the tunes.

"The men don't seem to really appreciate it as much as people like Jeanne do... the ladies! So for [men] it's kind of hit or miss, but from the ladies, I have like 98 percent positive feedback," he said, with a laugh.

Davis said his hospital singing began as a method to cheer up an especially sad patient. Soon after, he started working at the hospital in September 2013.

"Her mood switched and she was happy by the end of it, so I was like, 'Oh, this actually works,'" he said. "And that's how the 'singing transporter' was born."

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