Owner of flooded home in Reading: 'This is a nightmare'

Owner of flooded home in Reading: 'This is a nightmare'

READING, Pa. - Wednesday's severe weather has caused many Reading residents to reach their breaking point.

Cars refused to start Thursday after being partially submerged in water as roads were turned into rivers during heavy downpours Wednesday evening.

"It was like somebody built a lake down here. It was bad," said Bobby Dimmich, who lives on Nicholls Street.

Junior Torres was still cleaning up his house in the 400 block of Church Street on Thursday. The powerful storms dropped about four feet of water in his basement. Torres said he didn't know how much more he can take with more rain on the way.

"This is a nightmare. This is a nightmare. Right now, I have water all inside my house," said Torres.

Workers spent the day cleaning the A-Plus Sunoco gas station. The 700 block of Spring Street looked more like the mighty Schuylkill River on Wednesday. Several inches of water rushed inside the store.

"We had to remove the water from inside the store and we needed to clean everything," said Mani Nagoth, who works at the store.

"I don't think the city is doing their job. They need to clean the sewer drains and the gutters out a little bit more," said Robin Dimmich, who lives in the city.

Many residents blamed the city for the severe flooding, but officials said they were frustrated, too.

"I think people think that we have street sweepers, therefore their trash can go in the gutters and that's not really the case," said Ralph Johnson, acting director of public works. "We would like if we didn't have all this trash in the streets and in the catch basins clogging them up, that would be great for the citizens and the community."

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