Pair accused of using stolen credit cards in multiple states

John Ollaigbe and Ahmed Arogundade bought thousands of dollars of merchandise from Wisconsin to NJ, police say.

Credit card fraud investigation spans several states

EXETER TWP., Pa. - A fraud scheme that stretches across several states has made its way to Berks County.

Exeter Township police say they have arrested two men who were stealing credit card information, then buying thousands of dollars in merchandise.

Police say this scheme is so big they are turning to the Secret Service for help.

John Ollaigbe and Ahmed Arogundade appeared in Exeter Township court Wednesday afternoon to waive their preliminary hearing.

They are facing access device fraud charges for allegedly using stolen credit card information to purchase $4,500 in gift cards at the Target in Exeter Township.

"Most people would purchase a gift card in smaller denominations. They would not purchase gift cards for $500, $1,000 or $1,500 a shot. It is just not normal and that raises some red flags," said Exeter Township Police Detective Michael Godshall.

But police say their case goes beyond Berks County.

Both suspects allegedly purchased thousands of dollars in gift cards from Target and CVS stores from Wisconsin to New Jersey.

Police say the stolen credit card numbers are also tied to accounts in multiple states, with one of the cards having more than $17,000 in fraudulent charges.

"We are still investigating it. It is just like the roots of a tree, it just keeps growing and growing and growing and getting further and further beyond our jurisdiction. That is why we asked for some help from the Secret Service," said Godshall.

Police tell us they recovered at least 25 credit cards on the men.

They say many have the men's names on them, however the backs are encrypted with someone else's account.

Detective Godshall says white collar crime like this is becoming an epidemic.

"It is not just once in a while, it is every day that someone has a compromised credit card account, checking account, counterfeit money," said Godshall.

Police say they are still trying to determine how the men stole the credit card information and they have not found the device used to make fraudulent cards.

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