Parking Authority taking steps to prevent more fraud

Parking Authority taking steps to prevent more fraud

READING, Pa. - 69 News has obtained more information revealing how several Reading Parking Authority attendants allegedly stole thousands of dollars.

One of the attendants was a supervisor and managed to obtain old, outdated parking stubs, which were handed over to drivers, officials said.

But when the old parking stubs were accidentally given to management, the alleged scam came tumbling down, police said.

When authorities realized the old parking stubs were being used, they turned to their high-tech sensor system.

Advanced sensors are installed underneath the concrete and are able to count the exact number of cars that actually enter parking facilities.

Officials shared with 69 News pages and pages of evidence detailing how the sensors counted more cars than were reported by the parking attendants.

These pages of documentation are just part of the evidence handed over to police, which led to the arrest of the six parking attendants.

The system has since been changed, parking officials said. 

New, more detailed tickets are color coordinated, and indicate which tickets should be used at which parking garage.

The stubs are now stored under lock and key, as well as under video surveillance, and only high-ranking officials have access to the area where the stubs are stored, officials said.

One suspect has obtained an attorney.

Police say the remaining five suspects admitted to taking money.

If found guilty, the suspects could face up to 7 years behind bars.

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