People in Berks County disappointed in Congress

People in Berks County disappointed in Congress

"Why wait until the last minute?" asked Reading resident Justin Hallacher.

That is the question many people in Berks County are asking as the clock ticks closer and closer to a possible government shutdown.

Why the holdup? Some House Republicans are insisting that the spending bill include a one-year delay for the health care reform law, something Senate Democrats are against.

"They may not like the impact of the health care legislation but it is the law of the land and they need to accept it and get on with the rest of their jobs. Unfortunately we cannot all pick and choose the parts of our job that we like and choose not to do the rest of our jobs. So I think they need to grow up," said Wernersville resident Kristi Brant.

"I do not know how these people could possibly keep their jobs and let us have the problems that we have been having and could have in the next few weeks," said Sinking Spring resident Dina Shock.

Justin Hallacher was enlisted in the Marine Corps during the last looming threat of a government shutdown in 2011. He says it is ridiculous that members of the military could stop receiving paychecks until this issue is resolved.

"They are out there putting their life on the line to make sure we are safe here at home. And for them to not get paid when Congress is all making six figures plus, their pay does not shut down, but everybody else does. It just does not make sense to me," said Hallacher.

The Senate has passed a bill to pay members of the military in the event of a shutdown. That bill is now on its way to President Obama's desk.

Other impacts of a government shutdown include national parks shutting down, 71,000 Pennsylvania federal employees being furloughed and slows in Social Security applications.

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