'Pesteraunt' offers crunchy critters tasting

Unusual snack offered at Fightin Phil's

READING, Pa. - Looking for something different for dinner? Roasted bugs were on the menu at Sunday's Fightin' Phils game in Reading, but not everyone's "bugging out" for this culinary challenge.

At the "'ol ballgame," you can buy some peanuts, crackerjacks and ... crickets?!

"I had two crickets and one mealworm thing," said Fightins fan Cory Miller.

Ehrlich Pest Control had the idea for the one-day "PESTaurant" at Reading's FirstEnergy Stadium.

On the menu were crunchy mealworms, crickets, and lollipops with ants and scorpions inside -- all for free.

"Delicious," said Ehrlich spokesman Randolph Carter. "They're full of protein; they're very good for you. There are about 50 million people in the world that are supplementing their diet with this."

In spite of the health benefits, crispy critters aren't always an easy sell.

"Awful," said Jamie Finn. "[It tastes like a] disgusting something."

"It was alright -- a little crunchy," one man said. "Definitely one of those things I'll never do again."

Others were more open to the idea.

"With the seasoning, it wasn't too bad," said baseball fan Dan Emkey.

"It was great," said fan Dan Finn. "Just real crunchy."

Maybe hot dogs and hoagies aren't going anywhere, but for one day at least, the ballpark got a little buggy.

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