Pizza deliveries don't stop despite the cold

Pizza deliveries don't stop despite the cold

WEST READING, Pa. - While some of us try and hibernate when the frigid air moves in, others do not have the luxury. Pizza delivery drivers are hitting the road trying to deliver your food and stay warm at the same time.

Pizza, garlic knots and cheese steaks are all coming out of the oven at Georgio's Pizzeria at the corner of 5th & Penn Avenue in West Reading.

With four delivery drivers, they are working hard to get your pizza to you warm, even on a bitter cold January night.

"You have to be ready to move. You really have to be ready to move if it is really busy out," said delivery driver Frankie Saillant.

It is a quick few minutes out of the car at each stop. But when temperatures drop into the single digits, it does not take much to get cold.

"It is cold. My hands are kind of numb a little bit. My face is cold," said Saillant.

And with the recent snow storm leaving roads covered in snow and ice, the job gets a bit more dangerous.

"When it snows you just have to be careful, drive a little bit slower and make sure you stay safe," said Saillant.

Saillant could have up to 20 deliveries on a busy night, which makes for a lot of in and out in the cold. But, he says in the end, it is worth it.

"Just bundle up. But the winter time I think is better always because you are going to see better tips in the winter time because people feel bad it is cold outside," said Saillant.

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