Police: One dog shot, another missing

Police: One dog shot, another missing

Pennsylvania State Police and the Game Commission are investigating a disturbing case of animal cruelty.

One dog was shot and another went missing in Upper Tulpehocken Township.

Tracy Miller and her children were in disbelief Wednesday night when they found their dog on their front porch bleeding.

"First thing I did was yell. I yelled for hope to come up and help me. I did not know what to think. I did not know what to do," said dog owner Tracy Miller.

Labrador/rottweiler mix "Slash" had been shot.

The bullet went through his back hip.

And the family's other dog "Kingston" was missing.

"I was blown away. I could not believe it. It was hard to even think how somebody could do such a thing, especially as playful and lovable as they are," said family friend Rose Gring.

Miller tells us Slash and Kingston had a history of running away.

They would run off into the woods and then always return an hour or so later.

But the family had received a threatening note in their mailbox regarding keeping the dogs off private property because they were scaring away deer.

So they put in extra protections to prevent the dogs from escaping.

"We had been changing the fence around that way so they could not keep doing this. We made it higher, we put rocks around the bottom and somehow they seem to still get out," said Miller.

The Miller family is now left broken.

After Slash was shot they had him treated at an animal hospital and he is recovering.

However Kingston is nowhere to be found and they want answers.

"It costs lots of money to take care of the dog, to get the vet bills paid and nobody seems to understand that and they just think they can do what they want and get away with it," said Gring.

"They need to know what it feels like or try to understand what we are going through. They thought this was just a game maybe. I do not know. They need to know that it is really affecting us," said Miller.

If you have any information about this animal cruelty incident, call Crime Alert Berks County at (877) 373-9913.

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