Police resolve standoff with man; woman treated at hospital

Police resolve standoff with man; woman treated at hospital

LAURELDALE, Pa. - Tense moments in a Laureldale neighborhood unfolded Thursday night when police blocked off a street and aimed guns at a home.

A standoff began because of a domestic dispute, police said. A woman was taken to the hospital and her boyfriend was inside a home in the 3400 block of Freemont Street in Laureldale.

"Looks like the entire police force from Muhlenberg and Laureldale in one place. It makes you wonder what's going on in your neighborhood," said Tyler Hahn, who was just one of the many neighbors watching with concern.

"You're having standoffs in your neighborhood," said Hahn. "Kind of makes you nervous about walking around."

Neighbors next to the surrounded house were told to leave or go inside their basements. And in less than one hour after  it started, people were saying, "They got him."

With the help of K-9 officers, fully protected police officers entered the home and brought out the man, identified by police as Brian Hepner, peacefully.

"I don't think the police are carried away at all," said Hahn. "They're doing what they need to do to make sure everybody is safe."

When they went inside the home, police said they found Hepner, 40, passed out in the basement. They said they had to respond the way they did because there was a report he had weapons

"It's a dangerous situation to wonder what kind of fire power the guy has inside," said Hahn.

Hepner was charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct, harassment and terroristic threats.

Hahn said he's just glad this situation ended differently compared to what happened a few blocks away last summer.

"Up by the fire company, a man was shot and killed and another man was shot and injured," said Hahn, adding that everyone right now seems to be on edge.

"You don't want anything tragic to happen. Look at what happened up in Boston, and that's all we're hearing about lately. Stuff like that it brings me down a level," said Hahn.

Police said the girlfriend will be fine and will have safe place to stay.

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