Police: Student brought gun to school

Student takes gun to school

And at the same time, the school district is also dealing with allegations that a student took a gun to school. >> ROB VAUGHN: Some parents say they are furious that they were kept in the dark about it. WFMZ's Dwayne Parker is live in Reading with new information on this story. Dwayne? >> DWAYNE PARKER: Rob and Wendy ...we actually learned about this incident because several parents have been calling the station throughout the day. Tonight school officials are breaking their silence about what happened, and why parents were not notified. >> MARLENE HERNANDEZ: So you didn't get a call? Nothing. Nobody sent a letter home to you? I didn't even know that that happened. Y told me right now. >> REPORTER: Marlene Hernandez is just one of several parents upset that she was not notified that last week a thirteen year old student allegedly brought a gun to the Citadel Intermediate High School. Authorities say a fellow student took the gun from the boy, and then pointed it at a third student. Two students were arrested and charged. But even a week after the incident... parents still have received very little information.>> MARLENE: I would like to know how he got into the school. With the gun. With the gun of course. >> REPORTER: Acting superintendent Karen Gokay says parents were not informed, because she says student were not in danger.>> KAREN GOKAY: At this point in time, we felt nobody was in danger certainly, we can always learn from that, if parents do want to be notified of things like that, we can certainly make steps to let them know.But I do want to let parents know that their children were in no danger at that point in time.">> DWAYNE PARKER: Officials confirm there is a metal detector in the school, but it's currently not being used. Authorities say the Security Department is in the process of coming up with a safety plan to prevent students from getting into the school with guns again. Live in Reading, Dwayne Parker, 69 News.

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