Police: Wanted man moves in to vacant home, starts selling heroin

Police: Wanted man moves in to vacant home, starts selling heroin

WOMELSDORF, Pa. - A Berks County man is behind bars after setting up a drug house in the suburbs.

Police say Anthony Leroy Spencer, Jr., 26, moved into a vacant home on N. Sixth Street in Womelsdorf and was preparing to sell heroin there.

It wasn't long before neighbors became concerned.

"The blinds were never up, and they had a big "Keep Out" sign in one of the windows, which meant don't bring over a welcome cake," said Christine Delp, neighbor.

A police investigation revealed that Spencer had 108 packets of heroin inside the residence, $900 in cash, paraphernalia, and other instruments used to sell drugs, detectives said.

But police say Spencer wasn't idle with his time.

"He even paid past water bills to have water turned back on," said Chief John Pontician, Womelsdorf Police Dept.

Spencer also moved in his girlfriend, a child, furniture, changed the locks, and made improvements to the home, police said.

"He wasn't being discreet," said Chief Pontician, "He wasn't trying to hide it. And almost like he was part of the Joneses in the neighborhood."

Spencer was actually wanted on two active arrest warrants for domestic issues.

No word on if his girlfriend will face charges, but police say Spencer is charged with criminal trespass, as well as other drug-related charges.

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