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Police: Woman loses water, finds burglar in home

Police: Woman busts burglar in home


A Longswamp Township woman said she received an unwanted holiday visitor Wednesday night who almost scared her half to death.

Jennifer Wolfe said she was making candles with her daughter when she spilled dye. When she went to wash her hands, she noticed there was no water.

"So I went downstairs," said Wolfe, "thinking maybe something was wrong."

Something was very wrong. Wolfe said a stranger was in her basement stealing her copper pipes.

"I kind of like came to a stop, cursed him out," said Wolfe. "I asked him what he was doing in the basement."

Jennifer said the man told her he was looking for a radio, but told police something different.

 "He told the cops that he was looking for his cat," said Wolfe.

Pennsylvania State Police have since arrested Jason Hendricks, 35, of Maxatawny Township.

Police said Hendricks broke in through a neighbor's unlocked basement door, and then kicked down a wooden wall in order to access Wolfe's basement.

Before Hendricks was arrested, police said he actually managed to call Jennifer at her home.

"I don't know how he got my phone number, but he called me and said don't tell Fred I was here, and Fred's my landlord," said Wolfe.

Jennifer has only lived in the Longswamp Township home for about a month. She said Hendricks claimed to have lived there some time before.

Wolfe said the damage Hendricks caused will surely put a financial damper on her holiday.

"It will put a huge damper on Christmas," said Wolfe. "We're already on lay-a-way, and we're already having a tough time."

Hendricks was identified after several people in the area recognized his description.

He is currently behind bars at the Berks County Jail on $10,000 bail.

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