Post Office soon to move more than 100 jobs out of Reading

Post office soon to move more than 100 jobs out of Reading

READING, Pa. - Big changes are coming to the Gus Yatron Postal Facility in Reading.

Operations there are shrinking and many employees now have a tough decision to make.

More than 100 jobs at the Gus Yatron postal facility in Reading are in limbo, according to United States Postal Service.

"If they haven't noticed that their delivery of mail has been later, it takes two days to get somewhere in Berks County. If they haven't noticed that already, they will notice it. It may be extended even further," said Diane Price, a mail distribution clerk at Gus Yatron.

Price said her coworkers were notified Wednesday about the changes. Sixty-five clerk jobs will remain at Gus Yatron to run the post office. The rest, such as mail handlers, will have to relocate to centers in either Harrisburg or the Lehigh Valley, according to Price.

"When mail comes into Reading that we sort, will no longer be sorted here in Reading. It's going to be sorted in Harrisburg," said Price.

According to the U.S. Postal Service, the decline in mail volume has forced it to increase efficiency by consolidating mail processing operations across the country. Officials said they expect the changes at Gus Yatron to save the U.S.P.S. $7.2 million a year.

"The type of job that I've been doing for the last 29 years, which is sorting the mail when it comes in, will not be here," said Price, adding that she has no idea what she's going to do.

Luckily for Price, after working so long at this facility, she said she has enough seniority to find another job opening at Gus Yatron.

As for all 45 mail handlers, one said they have until April 10 to decided to accept jobs available in either Harrisburg or the Lehigh Valley.

In total, 140 mail processing locations are being consolidated nationwide.

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