Program offers free rides after the Super Bowl

Program offers free rides after the Super Bowl

A local designated driving service wants you to think twice before you step out of a bar and into your car.

"If they decide to go out and they decide to have a good time, keep our roads safe and keep this community safe," said Dan Glover, president, StearClear USA.

Glover became passionate about preventing drinking and driving at a young age after his mother was hit head-on by a drunk driver. He decided to start StearClear USA, a designated driving service that takes both you and your car home.

"People like to go out. People like to socialize, and I just do not think there is another reliant, reliable other option to get them and their car home," said Glover.

This service caught the attention of Berks County District Attorney John Adams. With part of the county's forfeiture money, the DA's office bought a block of rides, allowing 100 people to get a free ride home on Super Bowl Sunday, a night when DUI arrests tend to peak.

"District Attorney Adams has been a huge supporter of ours from the beginning and we are really happy to have him and his office sponsoring the program," said Jordan Kreitz, vice president, StearClear USA.

Whether you are going to be out drinking Super Bowl Sunday or any day of the week, you can call StearClear or download its free app to schedule a ride home.

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