Protesters' remote control helicopter shot down at Wing Pointe Gun Club pigeon shoot

Flying camera shot down

PERRY TWP., Pa. - An animal rights group is crying foul after its video drone was apparently shot down during a pigeon shoot in Berks County on Sunday.

State police said they are trying to figure out who shot down the drone and whether the animal rights group had the right to fly it.

This is not the first time the animal rights group has had one of its cameras in the sky shot down, but state police said this is the first time they have been brought in to investigate it.

SHARK, or SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness, puts its video camera in the air using an octocopter, also known as a drone. The group was trying to record video of the Wing Pointe Gun Club's pigeon shoot.

"The shoot was over with. They were packing up and then came a single rifle shot because when they're shooting the pigeons they shoot two shots at a time," explained Steve Hindi, president of SHARK.

Map: Wing Pointe Gun Club

The group claimed the damage was at least $4,000.

"It was a single shot. It was after the shoot, and it hit an aircraft that was 400 plus feet in the air," said Hindi. "That's not an accident."

SHARK said it protests at Wing Pointe regularly, and this is the second time a drone has been hit.

"We can keep putting them up and they can keep shooting them down," said Hindi. "We'll keep taking them to court."

While the case from January 2011 works its way through the courts, Pennsylvania State Police are investigating this case.

"What we're doing is completely legal," said Hindi.

State police said they'll look at this from every angle.

"We got to look into everything. Obviously, we want to try and find out if the device was shot, who shot it. If we can find that out," said Trooper David Beohm. "But then, on the flip side, we want to find out were they allowed to operate this device without a permit or even over the property."

69 News was not able to reach anyone at Wing Pointe for comment.

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