Rain causes problems in Berks County

Rain causes problems in Berks County

Susan Kopecky and her family live along Shelbourne Road in Exeter Township.

It is a road that floods often during heavy rain, wreaking havoc on her home and her neighbors' homes.

"Ever since we have lived here we have had flooding in our basement," said Susan Kopecky of Exeter Township.

Kopecky has about a foot of water in her basement, with two sump pumps running at full speed.

But as more rain comes, so does the threat that the Antietam Creek, on the other side of the road, will also run over.

"It can go across right over there and when that happens, it goes all the way around into the back yards. So then we will have a river in all our back yards," said Kopecky.

But that image of flooding is not just in Exeter Township.

Water levels doubled in the Manatawny Creek near Pottstown, washing out this neighboring park.

High water levels also pushed up a manhole cover near West High Street and College Drive in Pottstown and left another man stranded in East Coventry

Township, Chester County after police say he attempted to drive through standing water.

That is why emergency managers are urging everyone to use caution.

"We just want everybody to be safe, take their time, check your family, check your residences and make sure you do not drive through standing water," said Reading Emergency Municipal Coordinator James Conrad.

For now, homeowners are just waiting for the rain to stop so they can assess the damage.

"It is just something that happens and we just deal with it as it comes," said Bethany Waltemyer of Exeter Township.

Emergency officials say do not drive through pooling water. And keep a close eye on your basements.

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