Reading firefighters install free smoke detectors

Reading firefighters install free smoke detectors

READING, Pa. - Firefighters in Reading were not fighting a fire, but rather trying to prevent one.

"It is a quick line of defense in order to alert you of fire in the home," said Larry Moyer, the city's fire marshal.

Firefighters installed smoke detectors inside a home on Kenhorst Boulevard as part of the "Operation Save-A-Life" program. 

An organization that was doing repairs on the home saw there were no smoke detectors inside.  

"We noticed there was a need for really good quality smoke detectors, and the ones the fire department was able to bring in for Scot had a 10-year life, which is better for his situation since he is confined," said Alice Moyer, with Little Acts of Love.

Scot Bataller, the homeowner, had a stroke and now has to spend much of his time in a wheel chair. He said he is grateful for the help from the fire department.

"I appreciate all you guys are doing for me," said Bataller.

"I certainly would like to see Scot be around here a long time, and I think if there is a problem, we now have that opportunity to make sure he gets out of the home safely that we did not have before," said Moyer.

Reading residents interested in having a smoke detector installed can contact the Citizen Service Center at 877-727-3234.

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