Reading police search for gunmen after pizza deliveryman robbed, shot in face

Victim remains hospitalized in critical condition

Pizza deliveryman robbed, shot in face

READING, Pa. - The tab totaled $26, but when a delivery driver in Reading dropped off an order of pizzas Monday night, he was robbed and shot in the face.

Reading police are trying to hunt down the three men responsible for the late-night delivery that turned into a shooting.

A fake order was called into Domino's Pizza on Penn Street with a toll-free number Monday night, using an address from the 500 block of Birch Street. When the delivery driver got out of his car with the pizza, he was robbed and shot in the face by the group of three gun-toting men, said police.

"I feel they deserve a real big punishment for what they did. This guy was here working really hard trying to make his money, trying to make a living," said Abdul Asif, the manager at Domino's, who said his driver was only on the job one month.

According to investigators, the men ran off and the 30-year-old driver was left suffering in the street.

Angela, a resident on the block, was told her address was used to order that pizza. She told 69 News she wasn't home and never ordered a pizza. To say she's angry, is an understatement.

"How the hell they gonna use somebody's address to do that to a boy," said Angela.

On Tuesday, Asif said his drivers were absolutely scared, fearing they could be next.

"Now what they see, they're afraid of the job so it's going to effect later employees and employees in the store right now," said Asif.

"You're always on edge, you never know what you're going to run into," said Rolando Rivera, who lives on Birch Street and goes door-to-door installing satellites. "If it happened to a pizza guy, it can happen to a cable guy, a satellite guy or any other type of hardworking person as well."

One man was taken to City Hall Monday night for questioning, and he is facing gun charges, but police said they still don't know if he was involved in the shooting.

The driver was last listed in critical condition at a hospital in Philadelphia.

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