Reading residents: Trash sitting for weeks on narrow streets

Reading residents: Trash sitting for weeks on narrow streets

READING, Pa. - Mounds of snow are not the only things residents see when they look out their windows on South 17 1/2 Street in Reading.

They also see the piles of trash, and those piles have been growing for the past two weeks because the city trash trucks cannot make it down the street to remove the garbage.

"I expect it to be done, picked up. I mean, look at the trash. You can see it. It is ridiculous, and where do we go with it?" said Dave Fackler.

Frustration is mounting because residents are literally running out of places to put their trash.

"I am starting to put recycling in trash bags because I do not have anywhere else to go with it. My cans are all full and you got bags sitting on top. It is ridiculous," said Kenneth Hiester.

City officials said they have been listening. They plan to send out crews on Saturday to start removing trash from the northeast section of the city, but if your trash has still not been taken care of, be on the lookout for a notice with the date and time of when you will need to move your vehicle.

"You need to shovel your car out over the weekend if you have not done it yet. You need to be prepared to move it," said Ralph Johnson, Reading's public works director, adding that the public works department also has limited resources.

"You might say why are you not out there Sunday also. Sorry. It is federal and state laws, and it is safety factors for these guys in these big trucks and tight situations. So there are some commercial drivers license issues we are dealing with, as well," said Johnson.

The city plans to have all the trash removed within the next few days. Officials said crews will not be removing the excess snow.

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