Reading residents: UGI never informed us of gas leak

UGI says residents were never in danger

Residents fired up over gas leak

READING, Pa. - A gas leak in Reading left some neighbors fired up on Friday.

UGI confirms that crews were in the 300 block of S. 5th Street repairing a gas leak.

But neighbors were furious they were not informed about the leak, especially in the wake of this week's condominium explosion in Ewing Twp., New Jersey, which was caused by a gas leak.

"Just two days ago a woman died in her home due to a gas leak," said Isamac Figueroa-Torres, one of the upset residents.

UGI placed No Parking signs up and down the street informing residents that work was underway, but residents complained that still didn't inform them of the nature of the repairs.

"Why are we not being told by UGI or their vendors or contractors what's happening in our neighborhoods?" asked Figueroa-Torres.

69 News took these complaint to UGI officials to get answers.

"I can understand that there is some concern," said Joseph Swope, UGI spokesman.

Swope confirmed the gas leak on S. 5th Street, but said residents were never in any danger.

He says notifying residents of every repair could be complicated.

"When circumstances warrant, we do notify customers. And if necessary, we'll evacuate," Swope said. "It would be really difficult and inconvenient for customers every time you do some maintenance work."

Swope further explained some of the repair work is done in the overnight hours, and notifying residents then could cause even more inconvenience.

"My guess is that would probably generate just as many complaints of waking people and disturbing them for really no good reason."

UGI officials say that gas leak on S. 5th street was repaired.

Authorities at UGI said they are satisfied with their safety procedures, which are approved by the Pennsylvania Utility Commission.

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