Reading school officials talk security in wake of student fights

Officials talk security in wake of student fights

READING, Pa. - Hundreds of students who attend the Citadel Intermediate High School will be under the microscope as they return to school, Tuesday, officials said.

The heightened alert comes after a series of fights erupted throughout the streets of Reading just after school was dismissed for the Easter break.

The video of the fights has cause anger and concern among several city leaders, including Mayor Vaughn Spencer, who is demanding answers.

"We don't want to see incidents like that," Mayor Spencer said.

Cell phone video of the melees posted on Facebook shows that students showed up with baseball bats, two by fours, and even a piece of furniture.

The mayor says, Tuesday, he will be reaching out to the Reading school district superintendent.

"We're looking now to see whether anybody brought stuff into the park, but there was a clear effort there to have a weapon of harm and destruction," Spencer said.

The mayor adds that police are also aware of the situation and they are ready to mobilize immediately if similar fights erupt throughout the city again.

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