Reading's Fulton Bank robbed for 3rd time in as many weeks

Police arrest man for Monday's heist.

Bank robbed for third time in three weeks

READING, Pa. - Police have been investigating three robberies for the last three weeks all at the same bank. Reading police said they've nabbed a suspect.

Police said they arrested Keyron Hoffman Monday night for the robbery Monday morning at the Fulton Bank and they are trying to figure out if he also robbed the same bank two other times in November.

It's become a familiar sight, police surrounding the Fulton Bank on the 200 block of Fifth Street in Reading after a robbery.

"I said what happened it get robbed again," said Teresa Wright.

Wright is a Fulton Bank customer.

"Oh weee... it was just a little scary," said Wright.

She said she just got to the bank around 9:30 a.m. after a man wearing a mask and hooded jacket got money from the bank and left.

"As soon as I went in to pay my water bill, the girl was running to lock the door," said Wright, "I guess he had just run out the front door when that happened."

Police have been called to this bank on November 8th and November 16th. Each time surveillance video shows a man wearing a hood and not armed.

"I think they should have better security here or something," said Donna Nowaczynaski.

Reading police said a witness helped them identify 35-year-old Keyron Hoffman who lives on the 200 block on North Sixth Street.

"I hope they get the guy," said Thomas Zeiber.

Reading police arrested Hoffman for Monday morning's robbery at his home around 6:45 p.m. on Monday night. And they are investigating whether he is the same person seen two times before.

Police said Hoffman is not cooperating. And, they have a search warrant for Hoffman's home.

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