Residents demand answers about street lights in Reading

Residents demand answers about street lights in Reading

READING, Pa. - Residents in one Reading neighborhood say they are tired of living in the dark.

They say the street lights in their community have been broken for almost three years.

More than a dozen residents came out of their homes to speak exclusively with 69 News about the issue.

They say they have spoken with officials but nothing has been done.

"Absolutely nothing happened," said Arthur Becker, resident. "A lot of lip services, no results. And it's pretty disappointing."

Fifty lights in all in the Wyomissing Park section of Reading are reported to be broken.

Some neighbors are now concerned for their safety.

"I have a huge concern, everyone in this neighborhood has a huge concern for their safety, their well being and their homes," said Kristen Good.

Officials say the problem lies with the electrical wiring to the street lights.

City authorities say the electrical lines belong to Met-Ed.

Sources tell 69 News that the city is making progress and Met-Ed engineers are cooperating.

But some city council members are calling for more action.

"These people pay a lot in property taxes," said Francis Acosta, city council president. "It's only fair that this administration and MetEd basically and finally get their act together. So I'm 100 percent behind the neighbors."

Residents say if they don't get results soon, they will take legal action.

"If something isn't done in a quick and timely manner, a class action lawsuit probably is one of the best answer that the resident of this area have," said Good.

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