RPA launches crackdown on double parking in Reading

RPA launches crackdown on double parking in Reading

READING, Pa. - There has always been a parking ordinance in Reading, but now the Reading Parking Authority is starting to enforce it.

Officials said they are ticketing drivers to keep traffic flowing, but drivers see it differently.

"I was literally inside for less than a minute. I ran out, and I ran into the car and I guess we got there at the same time. He just looked at me and told me I was getting it anyway. So I said fine. I drove off and a couple of days later I got it in the mail," said Jose Vazquez, of Reading.

It's not hard to find a driver in Reading who has a story to tell about getting a ticket. But beware, the parking authority is increasing its enforcement, looking for any vehicles double parking or parking illegally, and no one is exempt.

"We are citing our automobiles double parking and parking illegally, but we were not citing delivery trucks and courier trucks and commercial vehicles. We were giving them a pass, and I think we should cite everyone and treat everyone equally," said Patrick Mulligan, executive director, Reading Parking Authority.

The parking authority is targeting the core business district from 2nd & Penn streets up to 7th and also the area between Franklin and Washington, but motorists said they do not expect much change.

"Nothing is going to change. They are just going to keep doing it," said Reading resident Daniel Cruz.

The parking authority is issuing a hefty fine of $85 for double parking, and it will go up to $100 if you do not pay it within 10 days. Delivery trucks are not exempt from the tickets.

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