Runaway horse trailer accident leaves animal lovers with heavy hearts

Horse dies in runaway trailer accident on Interstate 78

GREENWICH TWP. - A majestic horse who plunged to her death has left animal lovers across the region with heavy hearts.
The accident happened on I-78 in Greenwich Township, Thursday afternoon around 3:00, police said.
The horses were traveling from Connecticut, and were on their way to Virginia to spend the holidays with family.
When their trailer accidentally broke free from the pickup truck, it crashed through the guardrail and tumbled down a treacherous embankment along westbound I-78, police said.
Experts rushed to the scene to help, but there was little that could be done.
"Something like that is the nightmare of every horseman everytime we haul horses," said Dr. Amy Worrell, Penn Haven Equine Veterinary Services.
The horse that was fatally wounded was a 14-year-old Quarter Horse, said Worrell.
"The gums were white, which suggest that she bled internally, and that's why she died," said Worrell.
Police say the ball hitch failed, causing the trailer to break free.
This tragedy has devastated animals lovers in the area, especially Frank Granich who owns a Quarter Horse similar to the one who lost her life.
"They're sort of like people. They're part of the family," said Granich. "It's heartbreaking."
If there was one silver lining in this highway nightmare, the second horse, Birtha, survived with only a few lacerations, and continued on to be with the owner's family in Virginia for the holidays.

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