School board approves controversial fence in Wyomissing

School board approves controversial fence in Wyomissing

WYOMISSING, Pa. - Public comments poured into the Wyomissing Area School Board meeting Tuesday evening regarding plans to erect a controversial fence around the football field.

"Quite frankly I think the fence is long overdue. I have seen a lot of stuff happen," said Head Football Coach Bob Wolfrum.

"I think the school board has the right to secure ties to the property. All of us do not wait for our homes to be burglarized to put up security systems," said Wyomissing resident Andrew Bowman.

But while some supported the proposed project, others were adamantly against it.

"I looked and said hey the wood shop is in there. And somebody informed me, oh there is no woodshop. So I am not sure what all programs you cut, but I think the school should really benefit more if someone donates money to bring back some of the programs that you have already cut," said Wyomissing resident Rick Johnston.

"Teachers have left and they have not been replaced. Their colleagues are teaching more courses to larger size classes. And you want to build a fence. You are sending the wrong message," said Wyomissing resident Maureen Nolan.

When it finally came time for the board to decide board member Scott Painter made a motion to table the discussion for 30 days and survey the community. No other board members followed his lead and Painter ended up being the only one to vote against the fence.

"I added my opinion in the matter and it simply was not the majority of the board. And you have to accept that is the fact of life," said Wyomissing School Board Member Scott Painter.

The board will now move forward with soliciting donations for the project. It has already applied for a permit through the borough to build the fence.

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