Shocktoberfest dares guests to bare all in its first-ever naked challenge

Scream park dares guests to bare all in naked challenge

SINKING SPRING, Pa. - A new haunted house challenge, set to open this week in Berks County, is sure to scare the pants off you.

Shocktoberfest has haunted people for 22 years, but this season, the scream park in Sinking Spring will push people out of their comfort zone, and expose them, literally, to a new level of fear.

"People are afraid of being nude and people are afraid of haunted houses, so it's really kind of a double whammy," said Pat Konopelski, owner of Shocktoberfest.

A double whammy that is being called the 'Naked and Scared Challenge!' Thrill-seekers are being dared to bare it all and face their fears with zero protection.

"The more vulnerable you are, the easier it is for us to scare you," said Konopelski.

Participants can go through the haunted house totally nude or prude, only wearing underwear. Either way, everyone must be 18 or older.

The idea was inspired by the hit show, "Naked and Afraid," on the Discovery Channel, but some borough residents and businesses said it has no place in Berks County.

"I wouldn't recommend it around here. I don't know if I'd recommend it anywhere, to tell you the truth," said Craig Hertzog, who lives in the borough.

"You don't know what can happen, and I don't care how much security there is, it's going to be pitch black," said Therese Unger, who works at Jimmy G's Railroad House in the borough.

Borough officials also stressed concerns, but Konopelski said Shocktoberfest will not tolerate inappropriate behavior. He argued the naked challenge is safe and secure.

The challenge will take place at the end of the night. Participants will undress in a semi-private area and will never be seen by minors or anybody else.

"It could be a problem in the community with having lots of families in this area, so I guess we'll have to see," said Adam Bucher, the bar manager at the Railroad House.

The new challenge opens Friday. It has gained international attention, and has already raised some eyebrows.

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