Shutdown puts Berks family's future in limbo

Shutdown puts family's future in limbo

BOYERTOWN, Pa. - The government shutdown is having devastating effects on people in Berks County.

A single mother of four is now being denied her dream home and her family could soon be homeless.

Time ran out for a congressional deal. The clock struck midnight on October 1st and the federal government partially shut down.

"I was really worried that it was going to affect my mortgage. But I thought, you know, it is only going to last a couple of days. It has never lasted this long. We will be fine. But then it just went on and on," said Kelly Brown.

Brown is a single mom of four children. She has been renting for a number of years and finally found her dream home in the 100 block of North Franklin Street in Boyertown.

She was pre-approved for a U.S. Department of Agriculture mortgage and started an agreement with the sellers paying for the inspection, appraisal and deposit. But the government shutdown stopped the deal dead in its tracks.

"Just very frustrated. There is nobody to talk to. There is nobody you can call. There is nothing that you can do. You have done everything right," said Brown.

Now two weeks into the shutdown, the seller's real estate agent tells us he wants the deal to go through, but does not know how much longer he can wait. And he may soon have to put the house back on the market.

Kelly and her family need to be out of their rental property by November 2nd. If they cannot move into their dream home by then, they will have nowhere to go.

"I just hope that our government can understand what they are putting the citizens of the country through. That they realize that this is not helping. This is hurting," said Brown.

So for now, the Browns' dream home sits just out of their reach as they wait for the federal government to be back in business.

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