Sinking Spring cracking down on yard sales in borough

Sinking Spring cracking down on yard sales in borough

SINKING SPRING, Pa. - Numerous neighbor complaints have spurred a new ordinance in Sinking Spring.

Borough officials signed an ordinance on Wednesday requiring residents to get a permit before cashing in on their unwanted items.

They said the ordinance is in reaction to complaints from residents about sidewalks being crowded with yard sale items.

"I cannot blame them. If it was bothering with them, I do not blame them. I agree with them," said Susan Snyder.

That is why the new permits will prohibit encroachment on the right-of-way of the sidewalk or street.

Some in the borough said they think it is a great idea.

"I think it is great because people do not get permits for anything anymore, and if you have to have a permit to remodel your house and that, that is fair. So it should be nice that they get permits to have yard sales," said Snyder.

But others disagree.

"We already pay enough taxes. Why should we pay another $5 just to make maybe $3," said Hector Nunez.

"Everybody should be able to get their junk and sell it if they want to," said Dorel Ursoy.

The first permit is free and the cost bumps to $5 for every sale after that, with the maximum number of yard sales being four allowed per year.

If you violate the ordinance, you can be fined up to $1,000 per offense.

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