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Snow a concern for many roofs

Snow a concern for many roofs

Just this week more than 20 inches of snow was dumped on the Lehigh Valley, and close to 18 inches in Berks County.

As the snow piles up, roofs are starting to buckle and collapse-- n some cases destroying homes and buildings.

The heavy, wet snow is putting a serious strain on buildings across the region.

Since Friday 69 News has been alerted to at least a half dozen situations where the weight of the snow is causing barns, garages, even old skating rinks to come crashing down.

"This just happened, wham," described Jim Hawkins. "I heard nothing, I saw nothing, the barn seemed to be fine."

On Hawkins' property in Berks County the roof of his more than 160-year-old barn fell victim to the weight of the snow with his two horses inside. And he isn't alone.

Multiple barn roofs have caved in. At Meadow Springs Farm in Bucks County, more than 100 cows were inside when the disaster happened.

"Before I got in to feed them the barn just collapsed," shared Jay Geissinger. "There was just a noise and the center of it just came down."

An abandoned skating rink in Berks County couldn't handle the frozen accumulation, and not far away a building at Camp Lily crumbled under the weight of the snow.

"We're getting a rash of phone calls with people having sagging roofs," said Engineer Jeffrey Lazar.

The Hanover Engineering employee says many roofs in the area can't handle the stress created by the wintry weather we're seeing this season.

"The roofs are designed with a certain kind of capacity," he explained. "And this build-up of snow is starting to get close to the capacity of the roofs, or starting to exceed it."

And it means some serious safety concerns.

Officials recommend folks clean off their roof, but it can be a dangerous job. Hiring a professional may be the best option.

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