Snow days posing challenges for school districts, students

Snow days posing challenges for school districts, students

WEST READING, Pa. - As students left school Tuesday afternoon, they already knew Wednesday could bring more snow and ice and another day off.

"It is a disadvantage because they lose their spring break and they are probably going to be in school longer," said Amy Prince, a parent in the Wyomissing Area School District.

The Wilson Area School District has already had six snow days and three delayed openings this year.

"Last year, to give you an idea, we had three days we missed, two of which were for Hurricane Sandy, and the year before we had no days out, so this is a very unusual year," said Rudy Ruth, Wilson's superintendent.

And it poses additional challenges for school districts when it comes to preparing students for state exams, which cannot be delayed.

"Every day is very valuable as far as instruction goes. We only have so many that we get to work with this year," said Ruth.

Parents told us the missed days also put a strain on them because many of them work full time, but at the end of the day, they said they understand.

"The kids do not want to go into summer of course, but they have already had five days and they planned ahead for it as best they could. There is not much you can do," said Pam Messenger, a Wyomissing Area School District parent.

"I would rather them go into the summer than for a bus to be in an accident or for some kid to get hurt going to school," said Prince.

Looking at the upcoming forecast, the Wilson superintendent said he knows the district and others are not out of the woods yet and may have several more snow days within the next few weeks.

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