Snow storms give grocery stores a big boost

Snow storms give grocery stores a big boost

MUHLENBERG TWP. Pa. - The snow is out of Berks county but the recent storms have taken a toll on people's wallets.

At the same time, the spending was a much needed financial boost for some supermarkets in the area.

In Muhlenberg Township some shoppers say they spent hundreds of dollars because they just did not know how bad the storms were going to be.

One shopper, Maria Toner, spent over $200 dollars at the store. She said, "It was $250, yes, $250, just to make sure I was stocked up because I didn't want to come back out".

Kristen Huerta "got bread, eggs, milk, cereal, all the stuff, dinner to make for that day. It was horrible," she added.

For Dave Murphy, it was even more in terms of expenditure. He said he spent over $500 "because we like to store up, because we'd be afraid maybe things would get sold out."

Officials at Redner's in Muhlenberg Township said they noticed an increase in business during the snow falls and were glad for the extra boost in this tough economic times.

Mike Lehrer noted, "It's wonderful to be able to keep your business steady for your employees and let them know you're there and they can count on you."

Other stores in the area also noticed brisk business during the snowy days. Fine Fare said they experienced a 25% increase in sales, while Bravo supermarket said there was a small increase in shoppers before the snow hit.

It is a week many shoppers won't forget as it may take a little while before some can replace all the extra money spent during these snow storms. For some businesses however, Christmas came a little early.

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