Sovereign Center, Reading Royals display murals created by Reading School District students

Grant from anonymous donor funded after-school project

Sovereign Center, Royals display murals created by students

READING, Pa. - Some artistic students in Reading have been given a unique opportunity to show off their talents in a big way.

The Reading School District, the Sovereign Center and the Reading Royals unveiled a series of murals mounted on new a new fence that surrounds the arena's administrative parking lot at South 8th and Cherry streets.

"Marlene {Rathman} and I were excited for our RSD art students in K-12 to be involved with a community mural project," said Kate Clewell, one of the two teachers who directed the project. "It is a great opportunity for the students to take ownership and pride in their city, and it's an equally fabulous opportunity to highlight our aspiring Reading artists."

The fencing and the mural were made possible with a grant from a local donor, who wished to remain anonymous, said officials, adding that a principle component of the grant was to fund a project that students could work on after school and create an end product that could be seen by the general public.

The elementary school teachers and students involved in the mural project included:

Amanda E. Stout Elementary School art teacher Evan Jack and students Solmarie Negron, Tonathium Hilalgo, and Neztalynn Casiano;
Lauer's Park Elementary School art teacher Ericka Evans-Loos and students Ana Zavala, Xavier Ramos-Rivera, Shane Ovid and Danisha Alcarez;
Millmont Elementary School art teacher Marlene Rathman and students Shondel Griffith, Ali Rodriguez, Miguel Rivera, and Lynette Delgado;
Northwest Elementary School art teacher Nathan Henschel and students Kristian Tirado, Amylee Beriguete, Aleeze Rivera, and Paul Phan;
Riverside Elementary School art teacher Alia Emery and students Mark Reid, Fransmarie Velez-Gaspar, Malachi Hunt, and Cassandra Campbell;
Tyson-Schoener Elementary School art teacher Rebecca Stoner and students Ryver Ashjean, Michelle Lopez, William Li, and Jackson Garcia;
12th and Marion Elementary School art teacher Migdalia Peterson and Juan Castaneda, Jose Garcia, Aliah Lantigua, Adrel Holmes;
13th and Green Elementary School art teacher Valerie Garvin and students Yaire Garcia, Ave Liciago and Karla Arroyo;
13th and Union Elementary School art teacher Barbara Cimochowski and student Ryan Harris;
16th and Haak Elementary School art teacher Marcie Blatt and students Treves Nolan, Savannah Gonzalez, Derici McCoy, and Cynthia Ortiz;
Glenside Elementary School art teacher Doug Hatch and students Ankeyra Rivera, Kevin Rivera, Genesis Batista Hernandez, Christina Garcon, Francisco Javier Fabian Colon, and Jose Ramon Torres;
10th and Penn Elementary School art teacher Doug Hatcher and students Kristen Batista, Angela Berges, Jose Zavala, Grecia Reyes, Jaylese Rodriguez, Ashley Badia, and Lajada Cuello.

The Reading High School students participating in the project included: Christian Almodovar, Eva Blanco, Jonathan Colon, Rhaiza Dejesus, Lisettte De la Cruz, Chislaine Ferraras, Karla Garcia, Francis Gonzalez, Christian Almodovar, Chislaine Ferreras, Allison Grenseman, Bianca Negron, Rachel Hemmig, Jorge Hernandez, Molly Hinzman, Heather Mason, Gamalych Melendez, Juan Mora, Bianca Negron, Eliezier Pellicier, Jalymar Pena, Amanda Rodriguez, Jose Rodriguez, Lauren Dawson, Magalis Gomez, Melody Gonzalez, Jesus Lopez, Samantha Mejia, Kevin Mendoza, Johnny Palaquachi, Elvia Pimental, Monica Plasencia, Rosa Rivas-Cortez, Rodolfo Rodriguez, Winstyn Sloane, Jose Solano, Calvin Tolentino, Nancy Tran, Stephanie Valladeres, and Jose Yepez.

The Sovereign Center and the Royals are rewarding each of the participating students and teachers with tickets to a game in the 2013-14 season.

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