Spring snowfall reduces visibility on roads, makes travel tricky

Spring snowfall reduces visibility, makes travel tricky

BIRDSBORO, Pa. - A spring snowstorm took a toll on visibility and created some tricky travel conditions Monday.

Mother nature served up another round of winter weather, this time, nearly a week into spring.

"I'm so ready for warm weather. I'm ready for summer," said Hannah Allen, who was surprised to see the flakes this late in March.

Wet snow covered bushes, grassy areas and left roads soaked. Visibility was the main problem early on in Berks County. The wet roads forced drivers to turn on the windshield wipers and take it slow.

"The roads when you're driving, especially on the highway behind a truck, the kickback of the water is pretty bad," said Allen.

But car after car was driving Monday without headlights on.

"That annoys me. It's illegal!" said Haley Firestine, who went shopping in the snow Monday.

According to police, Pennsylvania law requires drivers to turn their headlights on when their windshield wipers are in use.

"You're able to see the vehicles coming towards you and they let you know others are behind you because the lights are illuminating," said Chief Ted Roth, Birdsboro Police Dept.

Drivers can face a $25 fine if the law is not followed, and it can cost an innocent person his life, said police.

"When the lights are on, I think that vehicle is much less likely to be involved in a motor vehicle crash," said Roth.

Too many people do not know the law, and police are hoping a simple reminder will help them remember for next time.

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