Star chef uses 'brutal honesty' in local restaurant makeover

Star chef uses 'brutal honesty' in local restaurant makeover

CUMRU TWP., Pa. - A local restaurant is being featured on the Food Network's hit show "Restaurant: Impossible."

It is never a pretty picture when a restaurant is barely making dough. That is where the Food Network's Robert Irvine and his show come into play.

"What "Restaurant: Impossible" does is come in with these real people that have real problems and gives real solutions," said Irvine.

Maniaci's Bistro in Cumru Twp., Berks Co., is the next restaurant that will face Chef Robert's brutal honesty.

"I've got two days, $10,000 to fix somebody's problems. I don't have time to play games," said Irvine.

"Restaurant: Impossible" executive producer Marc Summers Irvine's determination is what makes the show engaging.

"He's his own guy and he does what he wants to do and says what he wants to say, but he's a true reality star and people seem to hang on every word he says," said Summers.

If viewers think the show is scripted, Irvine said he chooses "not to know anything because I want it to be the most real reaction that you can see and you see me get angry and you see me get sad."

Production crews, carpenters and volunteers were working hard to transform the bistro Friday. Food Network crews will be wrapped up with their shooting on Saturday.

Even though he will physically be gone, Irvine said it will not be the end of his influence at Maniaci's Bistro.

"Some people would like that, you know, in the first eight hours, but the reality is I don't leave. I'm on the phone. I'm on the email," said Irvine.

Summers said a date has not been set for the episode to air. The success and failure of Maniaci's Bistro, he said, will be measured by more than just the transformation.

"After you watch it on TV, you need to go and support these folks," said Summers.

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