Street festival kicks off Democratic National Convention

Street festival kicks off Democratic National Convention

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Politicians are getting in on the party in Charlotte.

A street festival kicked off the Democratic National Convention on Labor Day.

Some big names like singer James Taylor and Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges were also at CarolinaFest.

"It's a low-key, non-stress way for everyone to get acclimated into the business of the convention," said Tom Herman, PA delegate.

Herman is no stranger to political conventions. As head of the Berks County Democratic Party and as part of the Pennsylvania contingency, he's a member of one of the largest delegations at this convention.

"It's great to celebrate Labor Day with like-minded people," said Herman. "I'm just really impressed with the people and the parade. Everybody's so friendly."

Being a part of a union, the SEIU, Herman said he was glad to have the day off to celebrate the work unions do. He hopes to continue the conversations he's started here and go back to Berks with a clear-cut plan.

"We have an obligation to make sure that we ensure that the president gets the opportunity to complete his agenda," said Herman. "In the last 29 months, we've seen steady job growth. We have more tax breaks for the middle class than we've ever had."

Herman said he knows how important Pennsylvania is to keeping the president in the White House. "You don't win the presidency unless you win Pennsylvania."

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