Student-made Holocaust documentary to air on WFMZ-TV

Student-made Holocaust documentary to air on WFMZ-TV

READING, Pa. - This weekend, 69-WFMZ-TV will air an award-winning documentary that tells the story of Frank Misa Grunwald -- a man who survived a concentration camp.

Misa's Fugue was made by Fleetwood High School students.

"There is not one aspect of this film, from start to finish, that has not been touched in some way by a high school student," said Sean Gaston, the director of Misa's Fugue and a Fleetwood Area High School teacher.

"I always tell my students the best lessons are not only the ones where I hopefully teach you something in the short time we are together, but you teach me so that I can become a better teacher," said Gaston, who learned about creating blueprints from students.

"Just by measuring the doorway in the picture, he's able to then get an idea of what the size of this building is," said Gaston.

Grunwald's story had never been shared like this before.

"When we brought his initial interview back from Indianapolis it was five and half hours," said Gaston. "They sat down and transcribed every syllable, stutter he made."

The students in the English department helped write the script. Students in the art department provided visuals. Social studies students found primary documents.

"I talk to a lot of them, and they're all pretty excited that their work is, whether they were singing, whether they did an original piece of artwork, whether they cut something," said Gaston. "They're all really excited about seeing their work make its television debut."

See what Fleetwood students, teachers and independent film makers in 2011 worked on for almost two years on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. on 69-WFMZ-TV.

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