Student overcomes obstacles to be named homecoming queen

Student overcomes obstacles to be named homecoming queen

WYOMISSING, Pa. - Lexy Portner, 17, is like any other kid in high school. She goes to class everyday, hangs out with friends, spends her nights doing homework and loves to play games. But life is a bit harder for Lexy because she cannot use her legs, arms or hands and she speaks through a mechanical breathing device.

"She is a tough little girl and I am very proud of her. She has had a lot of limitations. She has overcome a lot and she just gets out there and has a great personality, said Lexy's mother Dolores Portner.

Lexy was in the race against five other girls for homecoming queen at Wyomissing High School. But says she was caught off guard when her name was called.

"I was surprised," said Lexy Portner.

Lexy's parents say they were equally shocked and they think highly of the students at Wyomissing High.

"The kids at Wyomissing impressed me. It just speaks to the character of these students and it probably could not happen anywhere else," said Lexy's father Gregory Portner.

Now Lexy's parents look forward to the future. They recently bought a machine that allows Lexy to use a computer. A reflective dot on her forehead acts as the cursor on the mouse and when she puffs with her mouth, the mouse clicks.

"She can type, she plays games, it is opened up her world to technology where she would not be able to use any of that had it not been for that," said Gregory Portner.

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