Taxpayers seek answers to suspension of Carlinda Purcell, Reading schools superintendent

Taxpayers seek answers to superintendent's suspension

READING, Pa. - A shroud of secrecy surrounds the Reading School District after the suspension of the superintendent, Carlinda Purcell.

School board officials would not release the reason, but taxpayers said they have every right to know.

Purcell was slapped with a suspension and spent five days out of the office, officials announced Tuesday.

"That's a personnel matter, and personnel matters remain confidential," said Pierre Cooper, school board president.

Cooper would not release the details surrounding the suspension, saying only that Purcell served it last week.

"All the board members were talked to and were polled and they all were on board with the suspension," said Cooper.

Parents and taxpayers are not on board with the secrecy and want to know exactly what happened.

"That should be public knowledge. She's a public official. They are elected by us, and we should know what's going on," said Miriam Fogelman, who lives in Reading.

"Just end it. Don't throw it out there and let us come up with our own conclusions. Tell everybody why," said Elizabeth Morrison, who has children in the district.

In the midst of the superintendent scandal was another hurdle for the school board.

Purcell, who is now back on the job, announced Tuesday night they are still $180,000 away from closing the gap with the budget passed last month. The board told the administration the gap must be closed by the end of business Wednesday.

"We were operating under the assumption that it would be balanced, and unfortunately it is not," said Cooper.

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